About Blip Networks, LLC

Blip Networks, LLC. is a growing wireless broadband provider dedicated to providing high speed wireless internet to rural and metropolitan areas at an affordable cost. Blip Networks originated in Jackson County where their primary office is located in, Murphysboro, Illinois.

Since inception, Blip Networks has grown to encompass many areas of Jackson County, in Illinois. Plans are being made to expand our service in more areas soon.

Blip Networks was formed out of the realization of the demand placed on individuals and businesses by society to access data in a fast manner. A slow internet connection is no longer getting the job done when trying to access data. We invested countless hours of research and development to search for and provide our customers with the best available solution to use the internet the way it was meant to be, High Speed!

We know that in order for people, communities, and businesses to compete, they must be equipped with the proper tools. Access to high speed internet service opens the door for many opportunities that were once not afforded to areas.

We believe in one thing, customer service. We will strive to do our very best to answer any questions, fix any issues or correct any problems.